Posted: November 23, 2007 in austin carroll

OK so my season did not end on the best note for me. But as i read some of my past posts it was a real great year for me. tomorrow my  Mom and Guys Mom are showing up here they were going to watch us race but with having my dislocation left shoulder and in a sling no bike racing. On Monday me,Guy and our moms are going on VACATION. I would like to wright more but this took a long time to do. I  will let you know where I am at with my travels and keep you up on my recovery TILL LATER!!!

photo-157.jpg photo-161.jpg

  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …ouch, dude, got one a those from an old cycling incident, myself…best of luck & if this is your first shoulder dislocation, do NOT over do it trying to be the tough bikey…keep it in check (w/ a doctors help) & it can be manageable w/out surgery for the rest of your life…over do it initially & it could become a regular problem…

    …came across you on peter’s ‘bobkestrut’ site, so now yer bookmarked & i’ll be checkin’ in on ya…
    …i know ya had high hopes going into this, but swallow yer pride n’ get properly healthy before you throw yourself back into the mix…
    …i’ll look forward to seeing ya back on the boards…when the time is right…

  2. Madonna Carroll says:

    Hey Austin
    I hope you get this message. This website is awesome! We talked to your mom 2 weeks ago and she sent us the link. You look great (except the shoulder) Looks like biking agrees with you. Your mom said that Guy is from Indy. Do you know where he is from? Ally is 11 and is in 6th grade. Her basketball team just won the city championship! I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading all the updates. You are really seeeing the world! What an awesome opportunity! That was also nice about your entry about Ryan. Do you know when you will back in California? We need to try and get out there, Ally really would like to see you. She still has the family pic by her bed and still talks about you guys. Especially about the chalk comment at the beach! Whenever she gets tan lines she thinks that we need to call Steve to let him know! Take care of your shoulder and we will keep checking the website! Have a great time with your mom, can’t wait to hear where you went! Take care of yourself and will keep in touch! Peace Madonna

  3. Howard Marans says:

    Hi Austin,

    Sorry to hear about the crash. When you are up to it, find me and I can let you know your options.



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