Posted: December 8, 2007 in austin carroll

I arrived in , and I was excited to be in Spain. For the first timein weeks I was able to wear a T shirt and pants, no big jackets. Ourfirst mission was to find some where to stay. After we figured thatout we walked to the melting church. Its this church that  Barcelona hasbeen building for the past 130 years and its only 50% done, crazy. While walking back we ran into two American girls from Texas. Theyhelped us out in finding what there was to do and pointed us in the rightdirection. As we walked back we stopped in a lot of different shops. There is a lot ofclothing stores here that we do not have in the U.S., really cool butexpensive. We went down to Las Ramblas street.  It was very busy and interesting. Therewere random pet shops that sold pigeons, mice, birds and  turtles.After our excursion, we went back to the hotel to recover a little before going out for the night.Guy and I walked back to Las Ramblas, at the time we thought thatit was going to be a good idea.  We did not exactly know where to go, we were justwandering around. As we were walking I started to realize that therewas something not right.  There were guys hiding beer under their jacketsand would open them to show you what they had to sell. Then there weregirls making kissing sounds and yelling things as we walked fartherdown the street it got worse.  They would grab you and pull on you, it was real sketchy.The next morning, while watching the street performers, I startedto notice that they were the same people. We knew that thisarea was considered pickpocket heaven. I was always a little uncomfortable walkingaround knowing the next person to bump into me could walk away with mymoney. Back to the performers, it was a big set up. The street performers wouldstart then a normal looking girl would walk up and put some money downthat was working with the performer so the pickpocket would go into thecrowd and get to business. Then as fast as they started,  they would pick up andbe walking in every direction.  Then a little while latter you wouldsee the same people once again. Other then that,  Barcelona has the nightlife, the Olympic stadium and interesting land marks, but I think I will have tosay been there done that.  PYRENESRYANAIRCRAZY CHURCHCRAZY HOUSEMETHE STARBUCKS ARE MESSYSTREET PET STORESPAIN FLAGYEPME AT THE MEDITERRANEAN SEAME AND GUY IN GERONAMEBALLERINAimg_3677.jpg                                                  img_3691.jpg img_3682.jpg img_3707.jpgimg_3715.jpgimg_3726.jpg 

 HERE IS A TASTE OF Tenerife  



  1. bilko says:

    guy needs a haircut.

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