part one

Posted: January 10, 2008 in austin carroll

The last few weeks have gone down like this….  I got home from Europe late on a Sunday night, Monday morning I was in Dr. Koutures office to examine my shoulder.  Surgery was suggested to me and I was fine with that.  I wanted to take care of it and do it the right way.  After a quick phone call to Howard, the surgery was scheduled for the next Monday.  On Wednesday I had an MRI and it showed damage to the tendon and the ligament was torn.  That weekend me and my brother picked out an early Xmas present.  We got a boxer puppy and her name is Zoey.  On my surgery day I was more excited then nervous because I was getting it fixed and it was going to allow my shoulder to be normal.  When I got checked in and put on my hair net, the shoes and all the other stuff they make you wear I was set.  As I was getting ready the anesthesiologist came in and to give me a block in my neck, it’s a shot that helps with the pain, it numbs the nerves so that your brain does not feel the trauma of surgery. It worked really well.  At one point while I was waiting, a guy came in and said he was here to shave my abdomen.  I was hell no, no one is shaving my stomach I’m having surgery on my shoulder, my shoulder is up and to the left.  I fixed that problem really fast.  XmasNew yearsZoeyTraining


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