last day in Utah

Posted: January 18, 2008 in austin carroll

Today is my last full day at the US camp. It was not a typical camp we have a lot of lectures and meeting. Yester day I had my physical that went well then the second part was the EKG they hooked me up to the things to read my heart it read that I had a pace maker the Docs ask if I had one I was like no. they tried again and same thing. Then one on the 4 Docs look at me and we are going to have to shave your chest I said OK and they shaved a line not a straight line it went across. Very funny. I learned a lot and got to know everyone on the national team. Umm my B button just fell off my lab top… Tomorrow I leave Utah behind bye bye snow and going to Rock Racings camp. The things that really sucks is that I will not be able to train on the road. I am still stuck on the trainer for I think a another few weeks.n655230613_540696_5467.jpg


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