Posted: February 26, 2008 in austin carroll

This past weekend I went to the Tour of California to watch stage 7 and stage 8. When the race was going on I was watching the action on the jumbo tron. The race hit the circuit and it got crazy when the racers went by. It was great to watch my teammates in the race and they were at the front.  Then, as I was watching the jumbo tron the guys were on the ground, that just sucked. After the race I went where the team was and it was mayhem, there were people every were yelling chipos name taking pics. After that I had to go do an interview with the production crew by the sick truck where the team was selling Rock Racing products. I stayed in Santa Clarita to watch the start. I saw Roger Young at the start and he asked  me if I wanted to go in the VIP car to follow the race.  I got a VIP pass and two for my parents and we hung out in the VIP tent for a bit. I saw the team bus so I walked over but it was the bus driver and the podium girls. Once the guys showed up the bus got swarmed by fans.  I went back to the VIP tent found Roger and went to the car it was a nice Audi we stayed out in front of the peloton  and had a race radio so we could here every thing that was going on in the race. There was a break and we were behind the team cars but for a few minutes we were able to go right by the guys in the break.  Mike Creed was up there so that was kool. When we hit the down hill we had to fly down the mountain it was the first time I have ever been in a car passing cops in the wrong lane. I got to the finish and found my parents and gave them new VIP passes to watch the finish. It was pouring rain and cold. I did not watch the race on the race circuit they had tv’s playing with a live feed so you could see all the action. Mike Creed did a great job on the last stage after recovering from the flu everyone had in the race.  Well that is a summary of my weekend, there was a lot more happening to me but this gives you a good idea    img_5510.jpgimg_5537.jpgimg_5526.jpgimg_5536.jpgimg_5542.jpgimg_5521.jpgimg_5515.jpgimg_5544.jpg

  1. bilko says:

    Rog is good like that.

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