Posted: March 16, 2008 in austin carroll

logo_blue.jpgThe first time I used Phiten products was at the 2006 USA Elite National Track Championships.  I was involved in a crash on the first day of racing, leaving three days left of racing. The following day both my knees where inflamed and sore to move. I used several disks and tape and within a few minutes my knees felt great. I finished 7th overall in the points race and was awarded the title of U23 National Champion.  Phiten products allowed me to perform at the top of my ability. That overall performance allowed me the opportunity to qualify for the US Track Talent Pool, race the World Cup in Los Angeles and sign with a pro cycling team.  In 2007 while racing in Europe, I crashed hard, dislocated my shoulder and ended up having surgery in December of that year. After six long weeks of being immobilized in a sling I once again started using Phiten products.  The necklace to relax my neck muscles, disks and tape for my shoulder to relieve the pain and stiffness has all played a big roll on my road to recovery and getting back on track to peak performance in 2008. It has helped me it can help you to.





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