0ne big learning experience

Posted: April 17, 2008 in austin carroll
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Last week was a good one. I want to thank all the jr kids that sang me Happy Birthday when I ran up on them on a ride last week that was kool THANKS. So with my 21st birthday on Thursday and Having a party with all my friends on Friday made Sundays race, well it was a very unusual feeling. I was still working on shaking off the alcohol that took the place of water. Sunday drove up to race  Garrett Lemoire GP it is a fun course, there is a long swooping down hill with a hard right up a hill. This is one of my favorite NRC races. This year it was hot once again, I felt good the first hour and I was in a few moves. This is where I started to struggle, Clinger was in a break and I jumped across while I was bridging up I felt sick. I thought I was going to throw up. After that I was in trouble, fading back and I was not recovering.   I was off the back but was able to keep the peloton in my sight.  I was only 50 meters off. I was pushing hard to get back on I had only one big effort to get back on. I went for it and was back in it and as soon as I was, there was an acceleration of the peloton and that was it. I HIT the wall riding backwards. So with the saying learning the hard way, I did just that, alcohol and racing to your top performance does not go hand and hand!!! No more for me.  This race was going to be my last race in the U.S., oh yea…I am leaving to go back to Europe on the 22nd to ride with the National Team on the road and I will be doing some track racing as well. My last race here will be the Torrance crit.



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