Europe First race

Posted: April 26, 2008 in austin carroll

Went to bed at 7 pm and was up at 5 am what fun. Rode to Brugge, it’s the second time I have been there but this time it was sunny. Anyway, did my first race a 70 k crit now when I say crit its not like the 4 corner  industrial park race it was a little weird. It was 2k and 32 laps. It was fast from the start. I road at the front most of the race.  There were a few times that the peloton split and I was lucky to make the split. There was a crash involving Cole House of the National team right about that time the break was forming. When the break was up the road guys kept attacking and attacking. Me, Cole (yes he got back in) Ben Barsi-Ryhne , Ben Bradshaw  , Eric Riggs were at the front to chase down the break for a while. It was just us. At one point I yelled at Cole that we are going to need help soon and after that the pink team was pulling through and a few others. We were unsuccessful to pull it back. They ended up lapping us, so that was the race but after they passed they started attacking again. But that’s euro racing.

Today was nice here sunny and warm!! 

here is the race i am doing tomorrow 157,3 km


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