Jumping in head first with my hands tied behind my back

Posted: April 28, 2008 in austin carroll

Now what you are about to read is what I wrote before the

race today.  I’m in Europe racing, how sick is that?  It just

hit me that I am here and this is no dream. This is

something I have always wanted to do and now I am doing

it. As we are driving to my first UCI road race, a 175km, 12

climbs and a few cobbles sections “sweet!!” I tell you

straight up I am worried about today; everything is running

through my head.  I had one of those weird thoughts when

you are asleep that you don’t feel that you are sleeping but

you are out.   But now I am all good and ready to serve

back what ever Europe throws at ME! I am super

motivated, I didn’t know I could be even more motivated

than before to train and race.    Kool beans.


Now this is after the race. It took me about a half lap to figure

out how the races in Belgium work. The first cobble section

was down hill into a cobble climb.  Now this is the first time

I have raced on them.   Its fun but I ended up following a

bunch of guys that were riding in the dirt on a little two foot

path. At the top I was in the top 30 or so and it was strung out.

The whole day I was riding smart. There was a few times

where I would jump across a gap because the peloton was

 splitting all day. After the big lap there was a small group off

 the front, I went to jump across and we turned left and it was

 the cobble climb and as I looked back I saw guys coming up

 to me and caught me.  I went to their wheel and we hopped onto

 the dirt path. There are two signs off to the side, I missed them

 the first time up but this time the guy ahead of me hit it and

it fell into me and hit my arm and I jumped back on the cobbles.

  I lost my momentum and it really hurt. The bad thing about

cobbles is when your legs are full of lactic acid and you hit

 then, it’s not the best feeling in the world. After that I sat in

 for a while.  When we completed the second lap we went on

 to do three local laps.  I was feeling good so with two to go

I jumped to see what would happen and guys jumped with

 me and we ended up forming the third group on the road.

 There was a break of six and a second group which had my

 team mate Brad Armstrong and now my group. With one

 to go we caught the second group. Guys were attacking on

 the climbs but not getting to far up the road. Going into the

 last few km there was a hard right turn going on to a climb.

 We were on a descent and there was a car in the turn.  I was

 one of the first ones into the turn and almost went down,

 my rear wheel locked up but luckily for me I have my

MTB and TRACK skills so I was ok. The finish was on

 a flat, the group stayed together. In the sprint I was

4th or 5th but the kool thing is I finished in the top 20,

so I had a very good day!


” When everything hurts, what’s a little more pain going to do.”

Austin Carroll

  1. Blake says:

    Austin, sounds like you had a great race. Keep up the hard work and I know you will win one of thses things soon. Enjoy your opportunity to race in Europe and make the most of it. Take care and keep the rubber side down. Hope to get to see you when you return to the states as I know you will have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

    Blake Downing

  2. Dude, you rock (no pun)! lucky dog, you got to ride the cobbles. Ha!

    That is the coolest! Great job, and you will get to the top soon! just have fun, and relax, it will come to you with all the hard work it took to get there!

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