Posted: May 4, 2008 in austin carroll

 HASSELT-SPA-HASSELT was a hard day.  At the start it was raining and I was shaking sitting at the line. The race was a lollipop like course with 10 climbs. I was feeling good and around 40 km into it there was a crash on a steep descent and the crash was right in front of me, I was able to slow down but I still went down. I was lucky and fell on some guy. The only thing I hit hard was my knee. It took me a little to get back up because  my foot would not come out of my pedal. Once I was up I hopped back on and started to chase. I got the tail end of the peloton and  was trying to recover but we hit a hard cross wind section  and for me I do not really know how to ride in a big cross wind so I was a little lost and working a lot.  I was in the hurt box already. I made it but then we hit a climb and it was at a bad time for me after the chase and cross wind.{To see what I am talking about check out the video that If found witch is at that exact moment}  A group was coming up so I waited and got on them. I was able to finally recover a little and was feeling good again. We went through a small town and made a hard left and there was a steep hill, some guys were attacking up it. The caravan was half way up and I just went up at my own pace and caught the guys that attacked.  I was by myself after a right turn and I had a tail wind. I was moving and feeling good, then the team car pulled up and I tucked behind it. I was having fun at this point we were on this descent and I was dive bombing the turns then getting back behind the car. I got up to another group and I stayed with them till a motorcycle DUDE stopped us right as we were going to turn and yelled something. I was looking around trying to figure out what was going on, lucky for me I knew a guy form  6 day racing.He explained to me that we were to far out and were not going to make it to the local laps. So we were out of the race and had to ride back.  I was mad, I I don’t like not finishing a race. It turned into a group ride of 30 guys, it was getting cold and all I had was arm warmers on and it began to rain really hard. This guy started to talk to me.  He asked where I was from and asked if I knew of Baywatch.  He went on talking about how kool David Hasselhoff  is and how he likes his music.  I was just shaking my head and thought an occasional yep. OK HOW CRAZY IS THIS I JUST FOUND THIS VIDEO OF THE CLIMB THAT WAS RIGHT AT THE WRONG TIME FOR ME. you wil see me 55 seconds in to the video I am out of the saddle  and the group that I jumped on to is coming up on me.

here is another  video the peloton and then the caravan!!!!!!

  1. jet10sn says:

    Dude, how many in that race. Looked like 200! Thanks for the update, keep warm and smile a lot. Soak it up!

  2. yeah there were 200 starters and 32 team in the race

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