Posted: May 7, 2008 in austin carroll

Today’s race was really fast, a pretty flat course. We did  14 laps of 11k.  The race was going right from the start. I was riding strong went with some moves but when I would look back the peloton was right there.  At one point Brad Armstrong told me to go, so I attacked and he jumped on my wheel we had a gap but when Brad pulled through I was put in a bad position because he is riding really well, so strong. I looked at him and said I’m not going to be able to go this hard. We slipped  back into the peloton, I was a little gassed and was funneling through the field, next thing I new I was at the back. I recovered and made my way back up to the front. With 5 laps to go I saw a guy attacking and I went with him at first I was not pulling through, we had two guys in a 15 man break so I sat on. There was 7 in the group, Matt Brandt, we were 17 sec form the group and like 5 sec from the caravan. Then the caravan pulled over, I was a little mad, there was now a huge gap to the group. Going into a lap to go, one of the guys in our group  attacked Matt responded first then I closed the gap now it was the three of us, we got rid of the guys that were not working and sitting on.  We stayed away but never caught the break going in the last turn. Matt was the first one then me the other guy just wanted to finish. We were in the top 20 I was 17 or 18. After the race, 4 of us road to the  Arenburg Forest and road the cobble section that Paris Roubaix goes through .  I have never ridden on anything like that before.  I would hit a part of cobbles and my bike would loose momentum it’s just crazy.  Afterwards, my hands hurt, my fingers were stiff,  you cannot shift so what ever gear you are in that’s what you are going to be in the whole 3k.   Besides that, I loved it!  So much fun, I enjoy riding the cobbles. 

Riding in France

  1. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, it looks like you are having a great time. Keep racing hard and keep the rubber side down.


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