Germany day TWO

Posted: May 15, 2008 in austin carroll

When we got to the track I was surprised it was round I know all track are but not like this. The straights were maybe 50 miters and the turn would start. All the days have a short warm up race witch was a points race I would not race it I would do two of three hard effort to get ready for the Madison  and sit in for the rest of the race. Guy and I where feeling a lot better then the night before.  The race stared off fast Guy and I rode good really comfortable good quick exchanges. We won two sprints the first one was good positioning. I attacked with well I don’t know how many to go but three teams lapped the felid we had a gap for a few laps we were seeing what the field was going to do and how we where felling. I was felling good so I stared to pick up our pace I had commended to Lap the field we had more then half a lap. By now the field was chasing us. With 20 on the lap cards we deiced that we are not going to lap the felid so we where going to hold off the field till the next sprint we were 80 meters off the front and won the sprint. There was attacks and we where single file for the last 10 laps. We where tided for 4th but the team tied with us finished ahead of us. We ended up 5th at the time I thought that was good and I was happy the way we raced. In the field there was two pro 6 day  teams one 6 day pro that was riding with an younger rider and two pro tour riders. After I found out about that I was very happy on our ride.

Later that night I cut my tow open… stupid… it was a good one to…




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