Posted: May 22, 2008 in austin carroll
Wow today I am feeling a lot better my legs are good. Outside is another story no sun. When we got to the start of the race I was ready to go. Today is 125 kms with 10 climbs, all the climbs were cat 1s.  A very hard day was in the forecast. As we were rolling out the rain started as well. The rain was coming down hard for a while. The peloton rolled easy for the first few ks. I was riding comfortably and way relaxed and I was enjoying the bad weather. About an hour of racing was done and the peloton was all still together. There was a split forming up the road and I saw that there was a lot of the strong teams up there. So I know if I could get there it could be a good day. I rolled on the left side and  then jumped to bridge the gap.  I made it across, there was 15 or more in the break. We had 22 seconds on the peloton and we gained time and the most time we had was 1:17 seconds. I stayed up in the top half because I did not want to close any gap or just get gaped off the break. So one of the things that I have learned here is that the euros cannot corner at ALL. I would make up a lot of ground on the guys If I was one of the first ones to hit a turn. I was lucky to have a gap on this one decent with another guy  We went from a big road made a hard right on this small road up this wall. It was not long but steep I got KOM points at the top. The peloton was pulling us in we had 17 seconds, then the next thing I new we were back up at 37 seconds. Some dude was yelling at me and calling me a stupid American, I really was not sure why but whatever. We made it to the last circuit, the break was smaller and there was only 6 of 9 left.  I new the last climb was going to be HARD. There was an attack and I could not go with it. I was top 15 on the road and there was know one around me and there was still 20ks to go and I was hurting. I road 10 ks  by myself not fun. Two guys caught me and I sat on. Then this guy comes by me and hip slings me so what I mean is he grabbed my hip and pulled on me.  I lost it there and grabbed him so hard, did it back at him but hit him at the same time. With 1k to go I was going as fast as I could there was a small cobble section through this town as I was leaving that I looked back and saw a big group coming I was trying to go faster  but my legs were not doing it. I could taste the line, that’s how close I was when the group passed me.  I went from 17 to 38th in 20 feet. But what can you do only if the finish was a little closer.. lol. So 38 on the day and 40th on GC and now with 6 points oh yeah 15th in the KOM. A very very good day for me.
So here is an video on stage 2 click here to see the video when that opens click on Video ansehen to open the payer.
GPM 6 – Cat 1 – Mur d’Eldestrasse 76.2km 
Pos Nr Code UCI Nom Age Equipe Points 
1. 263 GER19831216 SCHWEIZER Michael 24 TEAM PHYSIODOM 8 pts 
2. 135 USA19870410 JCARROLL Austin 20 USA 6 pts 
3. 193 FRA19820510 DRANCOURT Pierre 25 GROUPEGOBERT.COM 4 pts 
  1. Blake says:

    Well Austin, you are getting closer all the time to a win. Stick to your agressive style of racing and one of these days you will blow the socks off of all of those euros!! Maybe I need to figure out how to send you a box of Propel and Balance Bars and then your legs will be able to keep going just a while longer. Enjoy the cool weather, Trevor raced at the National in Santa Ynez valley last weekend and it was 103 at the start and he DNF’d due to heat exhaustion. He didn’t do well in the short track the next day either so he was pretty down in the dumps concerning his racing. He was going to ride the Ironhorse today but it was canceled due to snow! Too bad we can’t get the weather figured out (it even snowed here yesterday). Well I have babbled on enough keep up the good work and keep us informed as to what you are up to. We are behind you all the way.


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