The last two stages

Posted: May 26, 2008 in austin carroll


The third stage was an 12k time trial, it had a good climb at the start, rolling with a long descent then flat with some technical turns and a small cobble section. I had the options of using a  TT bike but I had never used it before so I was not just going to hop on it and race. So I went with my road bike. I was the last to start on the team so I had the chance to talk to one of the guys that just finished. I was ready to go and the director was following the other guys so I was not going to have a car but the car was there soon.  I thought midway on the climb I heard honking and yelling, then I heard Carroll go Carroll and honking I did the whole TT like that it was kool.  It was like what you seen on TV.  I was fast up the climb but because I was not in the TT position I was losing a lot of time on the flats. I finished strong. I lost a little over a minute but was in the top 50.


A few hours after the TT was the start of the last stage and it was going to be a very hard day.  There are 10 climbs and 4 of them we do twice. We go up La Redoute two times,  we barely started climbing and right away it was fast and there were attacks.  I was riding up at the front and missed the split, but I know it was going to be a hard day and I was not to worried because the team with the leader was on the front and I was the first non team rider in the long line. Up each climb the peloton would shatter and get smaller. We hit one of the steep climbs and I was way too far back and I was passing people the whole way up and there was another split. The peloton was everywhere I could see guys in every direction. After that climb we had a few k’s before the next one and I was chasing on to this big group with 3 other guys.  I sat up a little to get some food and I was off to the side. A rider was waiting for a wheel and the team car swerved into the group I was in and took out the two guys. I dropped my food and sprinted on the back of the group, I was good. We had a long descent. When we were descending Christ drove up to me and said bridge up to the group that is up the road and take Carter with you. So I did that, I jumped and was bridging up to the other group.  I made it on as we hit the climb and I was feeling good I made up a lot of ground. It was then time to go over la Redoute, I was ready for it. We rode in and I moved up as we were going into the town and going up it was crazy, it was so steep. I made it over with the same group and on the last circuit I stayed with the group.  I was in but when we were a few ks out, before la Redoute again,  I moved up to top 5 in my group. When we hit la Redoute I was 3rd wheel and I stayed there the whole way up.  Right as we were going to hit the top there was an attack and I was in good position and went with the two riders.  So in my little group there was 4 and we stayed off on the descent.  The finish was at the bottom of the descent, it was a fast finish.  I  had one guy pass me at the line. I got 34 on the day and on GC I was 38 and 15th on the KOM. (King of the Mountain, first few over the top of the a climb gets points.) Out of the 160 riders in this stage race 90 finished.   


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