Paris Roubaix Espoirs pre ride

Posted: May 28, 2008 in austin carroll

My next race is June 1 and I am doing the U23 Paris Roubaix 180 kms, 111 miles.  today me and the three other riders are going to pre ride the last 140 ks. I am very excited about doing this race. The  pre ride was fun riding on cobbles is hard your bike is shaking and going side to side it reminds  me of when I used to train on a ridge single speed MTB back in the day! here are some pics from today some cobble and road sections and my bike with double wrapped  handlebar tape  ENJOY!! OH and yes I am riding with no hands to take the pic of myself….


  1. JET says:

    LUCKY DAWG! hope you are having fun. BTW, how can you read the tape on your stem with all that mud on your bike!

  2. Alex Delannoy says:

    Good luck for the Race. I am from Roubaix and seen the race many time. I am now in Miami working for the same generator company than Jack H. (guy you met in LA). We both love biking and went last year to see the Paris-Roubaix together. I love your website, and will keep reading it, it’s a cool site.

  3. Hurst Family says:

    Stay healthy and have a blast! You are doing what so many don’t have the talent or guts to even try. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the journey.

    Gus, Lisa, Jon, & Stevo

  4. Daddy Iggy says:

    Hey Austin,
    good luck to you , Iggy, Eric, and Justin. I hope you guys do well.

    God bless you all

    Daddy Iggy

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