Posted: June 1, 2008 in austin carroll

Paris Roubaix…….There was a lot of prep for this race the pre ride looking over maps, talking, watching passed Roubaix. I was well prepared for this race thanks to Noel.I have always thought it would be kool to race it. When I was working a the shop (Switchback cyclerey) Tim (owner) and I would talk about the race. Now is not the pro race but its pretty darn close. We ride on all of the same cobble sections as the pros most of them…

I was so excited to race this race, you have no clue how much, it was a lot. Now, the race. The first 50 k was all rolling roads I forgot my srm so I was not able to use the tape on my bar so I had to go off memory which worked out well. Going into the first cobble sections I was top 30 which was ok. It had rained the night before so I was a little muddy. We had 4 sections of cobbles to do and on the first section one of the lead moto bikes crashed and it was crazy guys were running up on the ridge it was like being at war for a while. I was just standing there with no where to go. When we got by I was not able to get my left shoe in my pedal. after hitting it a few times I was back in and going. I was by myself and was thinking how much it’s going to suck trying to get back on. I was able to get back and soon after they stopped the race 60ks or so. I moved right to the front and we sat there for a while. When the race was going again we hit another cobble section and was in the first group I just sat in and ate a lot of food. we had 30 ks before the next section. At every section I would move up to try to hit it in the top 5. With 60 ks to go I was feeling good and was with Summerhill we made it to the front group I went with a few moves till Summerhill made it off the front and I sat in. On the last 4 sections I was in the second group and was going to finish well. I was fourth wheel on the cobbles it was really muddy (thanks to all the cars that passed me and splashed all the water up on the road) I was just riding on the tops then I was on the cobbles. I chased with three guys but never got back on. I finished 29 which is still a great result and I am happy……

I hope I can find more pics with my riding on the cobbles………

  1. Blake says:

    Austing, great race! I hope you didn’t hurt that shoulder again in your crash. Keep up the good work and I enjoy following your adventures. Be aggressive!


  2. wisco says:

    what up baby bear!! havnt seen you in a while.. looks like you had a great ride at rubaix.. shit man with a little more luck you might have gone top ten.. Good to hear you didnt get hurt though

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