OFF to Germany

Posted: June 8, 2008 in austin carroll

I will be racing Thueringen Rundfahrt stage race its a six day six stages race. I leave tomorrow morning and start race on Tuesday. I will race 728ks 452 miles OF FUN!!

  1. grandma-pa says:

    Hi Austin….Good luck on your next race in Germany…sounds like one big adventure…6 stages “WOW” …enjoyed all the pictures and information on your last race…great job…love you, grandma/grandpa

  2. JET says:

    Get it done my boy! Have fun, and keep up the spirits. love the updates, and thanks for the note of whats up!

  3. Your bro Ryan says:


    Hang in there.. Dad said you were having a problem with your IT Band during this race. Hope it gets better for you and you have your seat height corrected!! Marquie says Hi, she graduated today.


  4. Mom says:

    OK, keep your head up!! There will be a lot more races for you in the future. I know you hate having to pull out of a race and you were looking forward to the stage race in France too. Take care of that leg and you will be up and riding soon. I know you don’t want to hear this but remember your own motto “whats a little more pain going to do!!”

    Take it easy!!!!

    Love you, Mom 🙂

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