Posted: June 16, 2008 in austin carroll

During the first stage I was having a very painful feeling in my left leg. I was not able to use my leg on one of the climbs, I was in the gropedo.  We got back on at the feed zone but I was not able to hang in. I rode by myself in the caravan, at one point I was out of the cars and the cops were riding in front of me trying to get me back in the cars. I was not going to stay on, he was saying things in German I just looked at him and then he grabbed my right arm and pulled me for 2 ks. He was going 100km, I was doing 60 on this flat road he let me go and I flew by a bunch of cars. I  made the time cut but I was more concerned with my leg. When I got back to the hotel I thought it was my cleats so I changed them. Then I was looking at my bike and remembered I had my measurements. My seat was low way low during Roubaix my seat post was slipping and after the race I put it back up but the tape on my bike was going up when my seat post was going down. Now we raised it up a little but not all the way. The next day was better but was back in the grupedo. I was not to far off but what saved me was a train came and they stopped the race, so I was back on. But before that I was trying so hard to get to the peloton. I was going up and down in the cars I was almost back when there was a right turn and the Milram team car did not see me and pushed me off the road and I went down a ditch into a field.  I then had to run up this hill and get going again. The Robobank director saw it and when I was going again he told me this is  a road race not a cyclocross race. I made the time cut. The third stage would be my last from riding with my seat low for those days my legs were done.  I hurt bad and had to stop and get in the sweep van. For the rest of the week I was the second soigneur, I will have a write-up on USA cycling about my experience with that.

MY BAG IS 126 

  1. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, doesn’t it suck that it is usually the small things that go wrong and cause such big problems. I hope your legs recover and you can get back to kicking some butt! Just remember that you need to pay attention to the small things in the future.


  2. Blake says:

    Austin, did you see the pictures on Velo News of Eric Barlevav winning the Harlem race? It was something else, he always seems to try to do anything to get attention! (Just Kidding)


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