Posted: June 22, 2008 in austin carroll

Another Race Another Day 


With a little over a week of getting my leg recovered I was feeling good on the bike and did a 5 hour ride with no problem. I was ready to race and I felt good.  The race was 177ks with 10 climbs. The first climb was 55ks into it, so there was not much going on.  Guys were attacking but it stayed together and I was in a good position for the climb but it took me 10ks to get there.  The field was big with about 200 starters and I was top 40 50. When we hit the first climb we took a left onto a smaller road and we started going up.  THEN there was a crash in front of me and it took me out and two other guys from the team went down in it. When I finally got up I checked my bike out and jumped on my bike and well I have to be careful now on how I say this, but it was not usable. I got my spare bike and was off and I did not know at the time but I was 2 -3 minutes down. I went up the climb fast and almost crashed again in the switchback from a team car. I was moving up the cars and there was a big group ahead of me and that’s where I wanted to be. When I was going through the caravan I almost went into the back of one of the cars, it stopped fast and moved to where I was heading  I got to the group. I was mad that I crashed and there was a decent so I went right to the front for the decent after descending for a few ks we made this right turn, I was breaking to slow down but I hit the turn going a little to FAST and pulled it off but I was scared!! We road till we hit this cobble climb and the race director told us to stop ( we were too far out to catch the main field) and wait for the bus. There was 10 of us sitting on the side of the road 90 ks into the race.  We waited for 30 mins but the bus never came!!  We had to ride back, I was kool with it and we stopped at a butcher and got water then made our way back. It was a nice ride back I new a few of the roads form tryptique so I  had an idea where I was we rode through Spa, that is a very nice town. I made it back 140ks and 4 hours and 30 mins. A good training day up next is IWT CLASSIC…

  1. jet10sn says:

    Dude, you are living the dream! Remember these days, even though things do not work out the way you want, you will always have the storys to share with friends and family.

    Chin up and keep going. Your doing awesome, and we are proud of you! your becoming a good Roadie!

  2. Grandma Marli says:

    Hi sweetie —–Boy, you sure are having a lot of great experiences. We are so proud of you !!! It’s good you’re keeping this journal – it will be something to show to your children and grandchildren. We’re up at Fish Lake, Utah enjoying the cool weather for the month of July. Have to get back so we can go to Jessica’s wedding. Don’t know if anyone told you but Colin is going to be a daddy. All for now – take care, Love, grandma&grandpa

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