Omloop Het Volk

Posted: June 24, 2008 in austin carroll


Omloop Het Volk was crazy, it turned into an epic day… Same as always 200 starters fast and hard. I rode at the front all day.  The peloton got smaller and smaller. When I hit the local lap the peloton split. The wind was a factor all day. I bridged up to the group that was in front of me and sat on.  I was getting confused because the race was supposed to be 166 ks but I have all ready ridden 170 ks.  I was asking the guys around me what was up and they did not know. Then I was told that we had 20 ks to go and I was like oh OK well that sucks because I don’t have any bottles and it was getting hot.  The group I was with was 20 guys and guys started to sit up.  I did not want to sit up, so me and another rider broke away and caught two other guys and rode into the finish in 48th.  This was the first top competition I have finished.  I was pleased with it. The race was 189ks a long day in the saddle.


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