Track Nats

Posted: October 15, 2008 in austin carroll

First day of track nats was the 3k mass start test. I did not make the time, but did take time off from my times while training in Colorado. The second day was the scratch race heat. I lapped the felid with 4 other riders putting me in the final the next day. It was me, Justin and Bahati. Talking before the race we decided to help Justin,  not putting it all on him, if I was in a good position  to lap the field I was to take the opportunity. I was working my butt off in a break, along with a few attacks I  was brought back   to the field. I was able to finish the scratch race this year and that was a relief  to me.  After that night of racing, I had the points race heat the next day  which I  also made the finals. In the final,  I was having a difficulty with the stopping and starting of racing all week. This was my first time racing on the track in the states all year. All my track racing  up until this had been in Europe racing Madison’s.  That’s what I have been training for, the six day racing this Winter.  So back to the final,  things started well, got some points after a sprint then there was a break I was not in it. Ending my points race, the break lapped the field. I hung in there and finished, what can I say that is BIKE RACING. I had one race left, the Madison………..


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