Posted: October 17, 2008 in austin carroll


Ready for the Madison 50ks 30 miles 200 laps of absolute pain and suffering. Guy was and is my Madison partner. The start was crazy, I  was rolling around the blue line and there was a rider that learned how to do the Madison right before the race. He was riding way to slow on the track and I was down and behind him, he started to slip and I went right to the rail. Meanwhile Colby was attacking and next thing we were a half lap down. After everybody got that out of there systems,  Guy and I were back in the race… Colby is strong that’s a all I have to say to that…OUCH! We were in a move with (Garmin)Hollaway and Colby lapping the felid. Something  happened I’m not sure what it is was but we lost the wheel of the Garmin duo. Guy and I ended up out there all alone. Garmin got the lap, we too put all we had to get the lap. I was going so hard and I was not thinking, I was a robot with one thing programmed to go harder. After lapping the field I was happy but the race was still on. Now we had to watch and do what we could to stay in second and try to win the race. We finished second. I  was a little disappointed,  I wanted that win really bad. So two years in a row Silver in the Madison. Nats results was not like the past years but this year I have new goals and ambitions for track racing…. I have to also thank Tim from Switchback Cyclery, you made my life a lot easer and thanks to his wife Sherry for letting him come out and play….


Madison camp and  a cross race coming… 



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