stick it

Posted: October 26, 2008 in austin carroll

I need to learn how to drive stick really bad! For those that don’t know, I taught myself how to kind of drive stick in Italy and put a funny entertaining show for Christen King and Shelley Olds as I tempted to drive through a maze of parked cars. The van was stuck in the mud.  So after the race, I was asked do you guys want to try to get the van out I said yes because I learned so much from driving in Italy. So I hopped in the van turned it on and then this time I knew how to put it in reverse. Tried that but just dug a hole. So people walking by helped us by pushing but that did not work.  The guy helping us said wait and he got a lot more people and they all started to rock the van.  Next thing I knew was I was rolling onto the road. I was talking to myself thru each step, now clutch and break, ok, stopped. Now I was in the middle of the road and stopping the flow of VIP cars. Guy got in and I gave the van some gas and eased off the clutch and with some jerks we were moving. I did not know where to stop because there were cars on both sides of us and behind us so I just keep going.  I had to stop once and get going, it was good but in 50 feet I had to stop again and that time I stalled it twice. I finally got it started and rolled working the clutch in the curb/into a tree!


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