Posted: October 27, 2008 in austin carroll

Clay (USA Cycling) conducted a Madison camp in LA to teach the six
day format.  Guy and I had some fun both on and off the bike while
On the track doing a Madison pace line Guy and I would set up so we
have to do tandem exchanges. It got a little crazy at some points when  
one or two other riders would be exchanging. We would have three at 
one exchange for the whole pace line… five or six people at once it
fun and challenging. A little more back ground so it makes sense.  The 
camp was three days and Guy and I were staying at the hotel. We (Clay,
Guy, Justin, Iggy and I) group shopped for 3 days of food that was kept
in our room.  I learned from past experience that the younger riders
were not going to have the food in their room. Justin had put this
Banana bread in the shopping cart, but Guy and I ended up eating it all
that night. Well, this created an onslaught of pranks, all starting with
the infamous Banana bread. The neat day after training Guy and I went to
the beach and while we where out someone (?) gained access to our room
and the food. Obviously, one of the other riders had impersonated Guy or
I and so creatively redecorated our room with cereal, silly string,
electrical tape spelling Banana bread and a super glued toilet seat. I
called the front desk and said that our room was vandalized so it was
not on us. The front desk lady went as far as doing a key entry
investigation. Pay back consisted of completely dismantling one track
bike, bars, seat post, wheels, cranks, chain ring all the way down to
the frame and fork into a trash bag, no access to the second bike. Also
wrote Banana on the top tube.  They got us back though; back at the
hotel they had once again gain access and now dismantled Guy’s road
bike. We learned a lot and at the same time had a little fun!   So that
was track camp  08

  1. bilko says:

    top banana…. now you can put up pics from Amsterdam?

    Did not see any of you two anywhere…. how did it go? I am sure you were WAY better prep’d than last year….

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