Posted: October 30, 2008 in austin carroll

The first day I was really tired and felt crappy.  I just straight up sucked, my legs were locked up and I could not spin at all.  Going as hard as I could go but was not going any where.  Don’t have a lot of racing in my legs but I can feel them coming fast! We were 3 laps down at the end of the night sitting in 8th.  Today was the 2nd day of Amsterdam, it was a lot better then yesterday.  We were 5th on the day.  We moved up to 6th overall from 8th and took a lap back. The Aussie’s once again killed it and won the day. Some teams blew up. We road well and its going to get a lot better.  At the hotel before the is racing, there is a lot of sleeping and some TV that I can understand, DIRTY JOBS they are really old and have seen most of all of them but its nice. The last day we were in sixth spot but even with seventh 5 laps 3 points. after the last night we raced hard and where in a lot of moves to try to move up. After a hard fight the team that was tide with us got a lap and we finished in 7th up next Dortmund Germany starts friday.

im in the back

im in the back

  1. bilko says:

    Got a mission for you…. and I will pay… Guy will vouch for me. Need to know where to get some madison shorts…. reinforced in the back, maybe even room for a jammin tool… I imagine there at the sixes there are sources that have done it for the ages… I want a couple pair. Lemme know if you can hook me up. I will cover handsomely for the help to source some.

    Thanks, Bilko

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