First night WIN!!! IN Dortmund

Posted: October 31, 2008 in austin carroll

guy and i won the first night of the Dortmund six day!!!!

  1. kacey says:

    Hot stuff!!! Congrats to you both! That is awesome

  2. bilko says:

    Sweet. keep it up.

    You should be able to hear the cheering all the way from Seattle and those kids in Indy who think Guy walks on water….

  3. Julia Cross says:

    Good job Austin! The kids say “HI” and they say that you look great in yellow!

  4. Javier Castaneda says:

    Congrats Austin! Simply amazing what you have accomplished. Look forward to seeing you in SoCal race scene when you pop in. Now on a side question, what is up with the Euro-mullet action you’ve got going on?

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