Posted: November 1, 2008 in austin carroll

UIV Talents Cup in Dortmund, 31st October to 2nd November 2008 
Americain leaders


The US-team Guy East – Austin Carroll had a hard time at the UIV Talents Cup in Amsterdam, but they seemed to have learned the lesson: After the first day in Dortmund they are leading with one lap to Germans Thömel – Tuchol and with two and more laps to the rest. Like in Amsterdam the race in Dortmund is a 3-Days.

Overall in UIV Talents Cup in Dortmund after 1st day:
1 Guy East – Austin Carroll (USA), 19 p., at 1 lap: 2 Tino Thömel – Julian Tuchol (GER), 7 p., at 2 laps: 3 Christian Heil – Michael Rielde (GER), 15 p., 4 Theo Reinhardt – Thomas Juhas (GER), 
8 p., 5 Loic Perizzolo – Pierre Kaeslin (SUI), 7 p., 6 Martin Lollesgaard – Mads Rydicher (DEN), 
3 p., 7 Benjamin Edmüller (GER) – Marcello Bertolo (ITA), 0 p., at 3 laps: 8 Christian Kos – Bouke Kuiper (NED), 1 p., 9 Benjamin Sydlik – Robert Sydlik (GER), 1 p., at 4 laps: 10 Dario Sonda – Alex Marchesini (ITA), 5 p., at 5 laps: 11 Simon Verhamme – Thomas Sprengers (BEL), 0 p., 12 Tim Gebauer – Wolf Sascha (GER), 0 p., at 6 laps: 13 Oliver Jakob – Felix Rehberger (GER), 0 p., at 9 laps: 14 Alexander Jussen – Alexander Sterz (GER), 0 p.

  1. bilko says:

    FAN-FREEKIN-TASTIC!!! Keep it up! Best defense is a good offense -attack!!

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