Six day Dortmund

Posted: November 2, 2008 in austin carroll
The start of the race is key you have to be at the front. We are team 10 out of 14, they normally start big to small but they started small to big. So it was a little trick for me at the start. I was on the pole and was getting stormed with guys coming over me. I stopped peddling went to the back and floated up the track made a hole for me and executed right to the front of the race. We were working trying to get the tempo up but everyone did not want to work. There was an attack from the Green team they had a half lap fast we tried to get the peloton together to work to bring it back. They got there lap soon after and we tried and got away with 3 teams and lapped the peloton. We went again to take another lap solo. The peloton was in two groups, got to the back of the first one and thru Guy in and he went around them and we soon got another lap. I knew we took a lap but they did not announce that we did for a few laps and it was not showing up on the scoreboard. I remember yelling at Clay and asking “we have two laps right?” he gave me a sign that we did and then the announcer said Carroll/East, that’s all I understood because the rest of the announcement was in German. The finishing laps were Awesome. It has been a long time since I have won a race (over a year) so I was excited to say the least. I kept looking at the lap cards till we won. It was great, the crowd got loud and I was pumped. We got the leaders jersey and got to Euro kiss the hot podium girl. Yeah she found me on Facebook and we are now friends. I am working on the rest of the race..


As many of you all ready know what have happen over the past three days I will be writing about it and all the craziness in Dortmund will be up tomorrow!

First night win

waiting for our flowers and fresh yellow jersey

waiting for our flowers and fresh yellow jersey

Racing for the Win

  1. bilko says:

    Now you have to get Zabel to badger Guy for his hat back from Hamilton!!! That’s a story!! Guy has his big chance to come clean with Eric and give the hat back!

  2. bilko says:

    also… great photos posted on

  3. Guy told Zabel that in Amsterdam he though it was funny!!! Zabel is a nice guy!!

  4. grandma-pa says:

    AUSTIN….What a thrill….you both did a great job….congratulations on such a wonderful win…needless to say grandpa and I are sooooooooo proud of you.

  5. bilko says:

    Thanks for reply. I am sure Guy is at peace with Ete now. That’s a good thing… as I am sure he’s a great contact to have to network thru in EU.

    Keep up the good efforts… celebrate, but take care of yourself. Small sacrifices will pay big dividends for now & future.

    Many people are excited for you guys… Cobly & Dan may be there, but your results overshadow their efforts for sure.

    Share what and when you can….

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