Dortmund day 3

Posted: November 7, 2008 in austin carroll

Today I’m nervous, excited and just want to race. The race was early.  It was family day so we started at 12:15, that’s 7 hours earlier then the first to night. Once we got to the track I was ready.  I was feeling really good in the warm up and that made me feel confident. They were working on the track so I was riding on the apron and I saw the trophies.  I told myself that is mine I’m going to be getting one. I stopped by Clay and told him I want this win.  As I was rolling away he said you will and that made me relax a little. I had to clear my head,  I was thinking way to much. I sat down for a few, talked to some of the other races. The race was 45 min’s then 60 laps with the sprints every ten laps. It was now time to go on the track and do the riders presentation. They open the doors so we are on the track when people are coming in. There was a lot of people today. The race stated but I was only watching the white team (German) and they were watching us. We were on our A game today, we let the other teams race the race and take laps and we controlled the white team.  They tried hard to get away but we closed it down every time. As the laps got smaller and smaller I was feeling great. I keep telling myself I’m going to win this thing and I way telling myself its  not over yet keep racing.  When there was 15 laps to go the race was done.  We shut them down and we were just trying to get points. I told Guy to stay out of trouble and we stayed on the front for 10 laps.   I had the biggest smile on my face. With 4 to go I hit it, full out sprint I through Guy in with two to go and before he even crossed the line I was celebrating and that was the greatest feeling in the world. The FIRST Americans to win a UIV!!!!!!!!!



this pic is kool you can see all the people at the track


where to put the arms



victory lap


on the phone with my mom and dad after the race


thats right


Guy and me

  1. Joel says:

    Congrats Austin! You guys did awesome. Next time put both arms around Kara and don’t let go. 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Austin, Your lookin’ like the Mack Daddy with a trophy and a pile of cash!!!

  3. if i get the chance i wont!

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