Quick up on Munich

Posted: November 8, 2008 in austin carroll

Here is a quick view on whats going on after the second night it close in the points REALLY close!!!!!



UIV Talents Cup in Munich, 6th to 8th November 2008 
Australians still strongest!


On the first day they took two laps from their opponents, yesterday they took another three! We are off course still talking about the Australians Howard – O’Shea. Are the other teams already concentrating on the fight for 2nd place? We think so.

Overall in UIV Talents Cup in Munich after 2nd stage:
1 Leigh Howard – Gleen O’Shea (AUS), 51 p., at 5 laps: 2 Guy East – Austin Carroll (USA), 34 p., 3 Tino Thömel – Julian Tucholl (GER), 33 p., 4 Jesper Mørkøv – Christian Ranneries (DEN), 27 p., 5 Tristan Marquet – Fabian Schaar (SUI), 26 p., 6 Jiri Hochmann – Jan Dostal (CZE), 25 p., 7 Theo Reinhardt – Thomas Juhas (GER), 20 p., 8 Stijn Steels – Tosh van der Sande (BEL), 19 p., at 7 laps: 9 Loic Perizzolo – Claudio Imhof (SUI), 8 p., at 9 laps: 10 Benjamin Edmüller (GER) – Marcello Bertolo (ITA), 7 p., at 12 laps: 11 Jacob Steigmiller – Christopher Schmieg (GER), 1 p., at 13 laps: 12 Michael Englmeier – Jakob Oliver (GER), 2 p., at 16 laps: 13 Alexander Jussen – Tim Gebauer (GER), 0 p., at 18 laps: 14 Christian Heil – Felix Rehberg (GER), 0 p., at 25 laps: 15 Tobias Diepold – Robert Bickel (GER), 0 p.


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