Munich 1

Posted: November 9, 2008 in austin carroll
Munich can be a hard track to ride.  The best way to describe is it’s like riding in a 200m pickle long straights and sharp turns and narrow. Now with racing the aussy were back and everyone knew that they were going to win. So on day one they just rode around us all. We had a little hard time with how little room there was with 15 teams on the track. The race was fast really fast, we averaged 55 ks for 40k. We were in a great move, we attacked and the aussy bridged up to us and we were working with them, why I don’t no because they don’t need our help! We had a half lap on the peloton, there was a small group off the back and we got to them and were going around when one of the teams was about to exchange. The aussy were able to get by, but I had to go over. When I went over there was traffic and I had to go to the rail so I was now above Guy, I was able to cut down the track but guy did not see me and I blew by him. We lost the wheel of the aussy and soon after were back in the field. We messed up on taking a lap. We finished 3rd according to the final results we got. 
  1. bilko says:

    best defense is a good offense.

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