Munich 2

Posted: November 10, 2008 in austin carroll

Second night. We had “3rd” and want to move up. We rode strong and with no mess ups. The reason why the races are so hard here is that there are sprints every 20 laps in a 240 lap race. Not a whole lot of action tonight. The team that was in second tried a few times to get away to take a lap  but the peloton was not having that and brought it back every time. We were on, we timed every sprint perfect. I would see that guy was going to be sprinting and I would get in position go hard to keep it, through guy in and points. We got a lot of points and moved up into second place by one point we had 24 and second had 23. When we were in the riders room the results from the first night had been changed. They supposedly put two teams down a lap that were not. so that bumped up to 5th on the first night. I was a little mad and did not know you could just change results after the second night. I said to the uci dude the results say we are in 3rd on line at the uiv web sight.  I bet if you go look right now we are in 3rd!! That did not affect our new 2nd place so now we went form 5th to 2nd

on a side note this is my 200th post!

  1. bilko says:

    thanks for the updates.

    200th post! that’s great…. just think how many you can do after another 10 yrs of racing in the winter?! i know many want to hear more details about what a day is like from when you get up. when you go to the track, warm up… customs on having someone take care of your bikes, massage & such…. what’s the hot bike setups… and for sure tell the roadies what gears you’ve used….

    BTW, make sure to get in touch with matt gilmore about racing in Oz. i am sure that would be a great chance to have… english speaking & such.

    in gent, make sure to get a hold of chiro mark allen, ex-wolverine, lives in oosterzele

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