Munich 3

Posted: November 12, 2008 in austin carroll

Day three we are in second by a point and the points to seventh place was small. We had a real battle on our hands. The race started, and we were following wheels. The team that was in 7th attacked and the peloton did not respond, one of the guys was Tosh Van Der Sande the current jr world points race champion. The aussy bridged up to them and we could not pull it back. They got a lap on up now we are in third. Now we have to just get points more then the German team behind us. We were close in points for the day. With the last sprint coming up we set it up and finished in front of them. We got third over all. BUT the organizer did not see it, and said were 4th.  The guy announcing is saying 3rd. The guy does not understand English and this was going on when the top 3 teams were on the podium and getting flowers. We called our photographer friend over to translate what he is saying and he pulls out a paper they had reset from the night before and had us in 3rd and a point down from the German team.  It was upsetting at this point this was the second time they have done this to us in regard to points.  After a while they figured it out. The German team was in forth and we were in third.  The Germans were told and we were in the riders room.  They tried to give us the flowers, I said no thanks nein nein you can keep them. I told them not to be rude but I don’t take flowers from men.

  1. Tim says:

    You should have told them to keep the flowers and find the podium girl.

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