Memorial Noel Forré

Posted: November 17, 2008 in austin carroll

Between Munich and Gent we have a little more then a week. So we have some one day races lined up. First was Nole Fosum this was a memorial race. We had two Madison’s and a Madison tt. The race was a local race but there were good teams from Holland, Belgium, and Great Britain. In the first Madison we felt good and attacked  early in the race and we lapped the field. When a team tried to lap the field we just shut them down. We were doing a lot of work trying to keep the tempo up and not let the race get to slow. We won the Madison. This is a little funny, we had one chair and we could not find another one so Guy was sitting on the ground. One of the guys running the race saw that and found us a second chair. See, when you win they take care of you.  In the Madison tt we tried something new. I led Guy out and did the first lap and a half then we did the tt exchange. It was ok to do it that way but doing the lead out and the lap and a half was hard. We ended up second by a small margin. For the last Madison we went into it to just relaxed and be patient till the first sprint happened then mix it up. It was going good we were riding through the peloton, on one of our exchanges guy got a gap and he hit it. We had a big gap, the peloton was charging hard trying to bridge up. We did three exchanges to lap the peloton. We went around so fast. A few other teams were a half lap up when we got to the front we pulled them back. We won the omnium, it was kool to win on that track. One of the most fun tracks to race on is a 166 m, this is the same track we will be racing on for the gent six day, a full six days of racing for us. After the race we got an invitation to a small banquet and we were introduced to the family and people there, that was really kool to meet everyone and hangout. 


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