Gent six day

Posted: November 27, 2008 in austin carroll


Going into Gent we were one of the favorites to win. That was a  
powerful feeling. We were on top of things tonight. Guy and I were  
riding well. The race was 240 laps with 4 sprints. Its a little weird  
how they do the  lap cards in Gent. The numbers counted down to the  
sprint. For me it was a little hard to really know how many laps we  
had to the finish.  We scored in all the sprints and took a lap on the  
field with our closest camaraderie. Tosh and Van der Sande attacked with 3  
of 4 laps to go they had a big lead on us but we timed the last sprint  
perfect and Guy thru me in and it was the final lap. I closed the gap  
coming out of the last turn and passed Van der Sande. It was a big adrenalin rush  
for me as the crowd roared when I went by him and won the final   
sprint for the Win. It is an unbelievable feeling to win a race in Europe. 



  1. bilko says:

    fantastic stuff.

    keep up with the stories… the more – the better for us & you.

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