G 2

Posted: November 30, 2008 in austin carroll
The second night was very aggressive. We would attack and have a half lap on the peloton. Tosh and Van der Sande had some Belgium teams working with them. We were pulled back to the peloton. Then the Belgium would attack and get a half lap and we would be working on them to pull them back. We would eventually get them back and after we had a little bit of recovery, we hit them again and we had another half lap on them.  The same thing happened, they had the teams working with them and they pulled us back. It was a hard day of racing trying to take the lead but we lost the lead to the Belgium’s by the 7 points. We were still on the same lap withStijn Steels and Tosh Van der Sande, third is one lap down. We were in the points classification green jersey.  



  1. Thomas Guns says:


    I am from Belgium, and i saw you at the six in Gent.
    I wanted to congratulate you and Guy East with te second place. Well done
    Hopefully wll see you next year to.

    Grtz Thomas

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