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Posted: December 9, 2008 in austin carroll

After last night I realized that we were going to have a really hard three days if we were going to win this now. The race was fast and a lot of crashes around 4 or 5. For us it was starting to get better. There are only a few things that stick out in my memory. Tosh and van crashed during their exchange. So they both were out of the race. Now there is a UCI rule that allows you to have 6 or 5 laps to get yourself together with wheels or what ever needs to be fixed. Well, Tosh jumped in early and van was still out of the race. Tosh was chasing to the peloton, that means he is now racing and we lapped him before van got back into the race. When the race was over they were on even laps and that’s what the jumbo tron said. BUT we are in Belgium and we are racing on their rules and that lap just disappears, they gave them their lap back. There were so many unhappy people like the Czechs who won the day. We finished second. There was really nothing we can do just race till last today and keep the second.

  1. bilko says:

    The favorites get the cush treatment…. play your cards right and they will take care of you too. goes both ways… as i am sure you know. keep it up…. six day success has some rewards for a while… and there are not a million others to compete against… AI of the boards is not a bad thing.

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