Riding with the boys

Posted: January 8, 2009 in austin carroll
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I Been training hard getting ready for team camp and racing but I have been having some fun on the bike to. I been doing some training ride with Nicky Hayden and his bro Tommy. Today they had a photo shoot at there house  with James “Bubba” Stewart. I brought me brother Ry with me to meet the guys and try to ride with us. 


Ry and  bubba

Ry and bubba


Getting ready to ride

Getting ready to ride


Nicky posing with the bike

Nicky posing with the bike


Tommy, Nicky, Specialized dude ,Me

Tommy, Nicky, Specialized dude ,Me






  1. Joel says:

    Training for training camp. Nice! That’s how you become a champion. Looks like these guys are all motocross guys?

  2. JP says:

    How good is Bubba and the Hayden brothers on the road bikes? Always curious at how strong they are..

    Are you down in Bubba’s hometown of Haines City?

  3. The Haydens are strong on the bike. Bubba spit after the photo shoot to go to the test track. No im not in Haines City in So Cal..


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