BMC Racing Team – Camp Diary: Today with Austin Carroll

Posted: January 16, 2009 in austin carroll
BMC Racing Team – Camp Diary: Today with Austin Carroll – BMC U23 Team Member and Track racer

I set up my track bike this week in preparation for going back to Europe to finish up the six-day races later this month.  I’ve already raced Amsterdam, Dortmund, Munich and Gent.  My partner, Guy East and I won the event in Dortmund back in November.  So a few days after camp is finished I will return to Europe in order to race our final track events of the season.  We’ll be racing Copenhagen and the finals in Holland.  We are currently leading the U23 series, so we will want to go over and win the whole shebang.  Riding with the BMC team at camp has been so great and I feel like I am really building up my strengths.  Wednesday was our recovery day after having worked up to a pretty intense ride on Tuesday.  I took my recovery ride with the guys, but I also spent some time setting up my track bike on the rollers and rode the rollers for a while.  Since the gearing ratio for the track bike keeps me spinning at a higher rate than I do on the road, it is important to keep that feeling in cadence too.  I need to get the fast twitch back into my legs over the next few weeks.  The nearest track is a little too far away from here so the rollers will have to do.  There is a great feeling among all the riders, though.  The guys on the team call me sorry im not reveling my “nick name” form rock.  I don’t know where that name comes from, but there is no Papa Bear, there’s just me.



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