Posted: January 27, 2009 in austin carroll

 2009  camp  with BMC.  The past two weeks at camp have been awesome. The training was hard.  All the  rides we did had workouts within the ride itself.  Usually we were in two groups that were spread out about 800m, one with the guys doing TOC and the other was the guys doing Qatar. I would jump between the two depending on what they were doing. The first few days I was thrashed, I have not done training like this before on the road. It was awesome. The volume was good. I did not get a good base last season because I started training January 30th 2008 due to my surgery. The support was nothing I have experience on a team.  They truly want to be there to help me and the guys.  Recovery after hard training days are important and there was food for us right after the rides and massages.  Everyday we had  planned workouts,  we would know what we were doing and what was going on with training the night before. The bike is very comfortable and stiff and puts me in the best position I have been in on the road.  All in all BMC is a great place for me.   I have the opportunity to learn from the guys and staff on the team. They are working with the U.S National Team and I will be racing for both.  This year I will be racing in the states for BMC and in Europe with the National team.  This allows me to get the most of my last year as a U23.  I will have to tell you, everyone at BMC is great and I am thankful to be on this team!!





  1. grandma-pa says:

    Austin,….What great pictures…..YES, this will be the best move for you….BMC development of its riders sounds like the best ….Good luck…
    Love Grandma, Grandpa

  2. Blake says:

    Austin, sounds like you found a good home and it is really great that the team is interested in developing young riders like yourself. What is going to be your first race this year? Keep up the good work and keep the rubber side down.

  3. Joel Price says:

    Really happy for you. It looks like a good place for you to fine tune your skill. Thanks for the pics. Keep us posted. When you return to the states make sure you keep us posted on races you do.

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