Racing Hard

Posted: January 31, 2009 in austin carroll

I am going to have some stuff up soon!!! HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!

A big part of racing in Europe is some times there is no Internet I am lucky that my blackberry works over here.
Right now I am In Holland racing the UIV final. I will be back in the states soon and will have everything about this two weeks…….


  1. bilko says:

    With all the social networking stuff and instant communication tools, our attention span has really shrunk to nothing. Gott remember we live in the age of Lance where we get updates/photos/etc… every few minutes of that guy. So once every other day – we’d think we’d hear of the chase for the UIV. Can’t blame us too harshly…

  2. bilko says:

    AC fans — check… or better yet, check bf-one for some great pics and video.

  3. chris says:

    congratulations on the UIV win!!!!

  4. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, congratulations on winning the UIV! Great Job!!

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