Copenhagen Six day

Posted: February 11, 2009 in austin carroll


Going into Copenhagen 6, I did not have the track prep that I truly needed. I have been getting ready for the road season where I have some high expectations for myself.  On the first night we sat in and let the other teams do the work so we could get our legs going for the high cadence. That was our plan and we did great job of sitting in the top 5 and really never hitting the front. We finished the night in 5th. The next days were fast. We wanted to take a lap and a few of the teams were coming up to us and asking when we were going to to and they all wanted to work with us. We knew that we were not going to be able to do it by ourselves. We tried to get away but the whole field was sticking together.  After trying to go and take a lap, we were unsuccessful.  We knew it was going to be all on points. We were close to 4th and 6th was close to us so there still could be a lot of moving around. The last day we were in 6th and the last sprint was dubble points . We raced for points and we were in 4th at one point and in good position. We were watching the Germans.  They were right on our tail. In the last sprint we beat the Germans but they managed to have a few more points then us and put us back in 6th. We were happy on the way we raced the 6 days. We just need a little more time on the bikes. On the plus side we now have enough points that no one can over take us for the series win.  Now going to Alkmar we are ready to go and get the UIV overall and put a cap on the 2008/2009 track season.I really want to thank Howard Marans for the help in Copenhagen, you also saved us from walking in the frezzing cold AND Mathias Øllegaard  and his Dad for the help on the last day




Hotel life 8 DAYS here......



Small taxi two big bike boxes= shoving


After racing six day Guy just wanted to sleep


Howard Marans

Howard Marans




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