UIV final in Alkmaar

Posted: February 16, 2009 in austin carroll

The UIV final in Alkmaar, Holland was a three day, but the race was
organized like a six day. There were points, scratch, 500m, TT and
Madison races. The first race I did was… well I really don’t know what
it was called.  Never seen it, never done it, so I was a little lost. It
was fast and a good shock to the system. I was seating second wheel and
the kid on the front just went up the track with out any warning and
took me up with him. I could hear bikes hitting the wood and then I got
hit from the back and shoved forward, weird felling but stayed up. We
then had a team missing out. We stayed in the top 3 and eventually hit
the front to bring the speed up. There were 5 teams and I was in front,
all of a sudden the field started to come over the top and the next
thing I knew I was near the back. I tried to get in a hole but couldn’t
get in, ended 5th. The last two days where again hard and fast. It was a
little weird, knowing we had the over all and still we were racing hard
to win each night. It also allowed us to race with a relaxed vibe
without a lot of pressure. We ended up six over all. Guy and I
accomplished what we had planned to do next season. Also, taking a lot
of people by surprise by winning the overall UIV. We are now going to
get the chance to do a few pro six days in the 2009-2010 season. I want
to thank every one for a great track season from USA cycling, to all the
families that took us in and fed us real food and Roger Young for
introducing and coaching me on how tack racing is done. By now I am home
and working on my sweet road tan lines once again. Holy crap we
uiv-d1-6feb09-006uiv-d1-6feb09-007uiv-d1-6feb09-010uiv-d2-7sept09-092iuiv-d2-7sept09-104iw-uiv-final-6feb09-009i-1w-uiv-final-6feb09-002iuiv-podfinal-8sept09-048iuiv-podfinal-8sept09-034iuiv-podfinal-8sept09-011iuiv-podfinal-8sept09-007i1 THANKS FOR THE PICTURES Rob Duin bf-one.com

  1. bilko says:

    We all owe Rog a great deal.

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