Mexico stage one

Posted: March 2, 2009 in austin carroll

Stage one went like this.. GO we are off, moving up the right side following Chris Baldwin of Rock racing.   Then a tricky right turn still moving up on the right very rough roads not cobbles but big stone road.  Baldwin bunny hops with instinct I do the same but I clipped into the end of something.  Rear tire goes,  I ride it a little then there was another crash so I stopped there  took my wheel off and waited. There was a crash in the first turn so my car was way back. As I was getting a new wheel one of my rear break pads broke off. I got the spare bike but I had to take my pedals off. I had no wheels on my bike so I had to fight with the bike to get them on.  Got them on our spare bike which was Daniel Holloways broken bike, so I hopped on the felt. The seat was way to high, it took me a bit to figure out the Shimano. I was following the car and we hit speed bumps and that was scary.   The car left the ground with me riding the bumper. I did the lap and when I got to where I flatted my bike was fixed.  I hopped on it and was off. I was to far down to get back but it was a circuit race and I knew I could lose a lap. Noel told me to ride easy and I road easy for 6 laps before the peloton caught me. I had spent 6 laps cruising and everyone was racing so my legs locked up.  I stayed in the main group till the top of the climb.  I sat up and rolled easy to the finish to get my legs feeling better.

I flatted 3:03 mins in the race and then my rear brake pad fell off. Not the best way to start the season but that’s out of my control.


  1. Joel says:

    That’s the way it goes sometimes. It can only get better!

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