Stage Three

Posted: March 10, 2009 in austin carroll

The next day I was just out of it and mad. Had a few laughs at the bus driver as he got really lost and was yelling, stopping on the freeway and leaving the bus. Anyway we got to the start really late. Noel told me to talk to the head comm. and I told him what happened and he said that was not fair and asked what I wanted to do and I told him to  race. He told me I was back in the race. I was a happy guy now but I had to get ready fast. Riders were already lined up at the start line. I did not eat a lot and that worried me so I had someone pinning my number, putting sunsceen on and I was eating bars.  Els put a lot of food in my jersy. I ate so much in the neutral. It was a mountain top finish day and we did a circuit.  The climb was long and it got steep at the top. I was going up the climb when the gropedo formed and finished with the grupetto. Oh yeah they enjoy throwing confetti at us as we ride by, it was a little annoying…



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