Stage 6

Posted: March 22, 2009 in austin carroll

t was another long day.  The three climbs came at the end with a very steep technical decent. The bus ride over sucked.  The bus stopped 3k from the start but at the time we did not know of this.  We all sat on the bus for a bit till Colby asked what was going on. Well the organization forgot to inform us that the buses would not get us  to the start. We got a hold of Noel but they were pinned in. We were able to get another ride to take half of us. I got to ride with the police as well as a couple others. Now this was kool, he hit his sirens and we hauled butt to the start. We got there 5 minutes  before the start. luckily we were not the only team to get stuck on the bus so they delayed the start of the race. The start town was crazy there were a lot of Americans that lived there. They all enjoyed us there taking pictures with us and asking about the race. The race was on open roads all day.  We might as well have been on a trainer staring at a wall. It was desert and more desert with some big rollers along the way. It was in the gutter all day with a little cross wind. As we rolled on I could see the climbs off in the distance. I used the down hill to movie up to the front. I was top 5 going into the climb and stayed there. The pace picked up on the last climb and the peloton was all over the road.  I fell back a bit as the road was now at a false flat and I had recovered and dug a little and made it back in with the lead group. As we started the decent I was sitting in a good position.  It was a long 20ks down the mountain. So steep and fast I have to say I was a little scared. As the finish line got closer I was saving what I had left for the sprint. I was back in the group as we came out of the last turn I had gotten pinched off on a turn before that. I was waiting to go and a guy jumped and I hopped on his wheel and was sprinting. It was a fast sprint a little down hill, I crossed the line in 17th. I was happy with the 17th I had made it over with the lead group and was able to hang in to the end.

Can you say tan line!

Can you say tan line!


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