Posted: April 1, 2009 in austin carroll

This past weekend I raced in Wervik. The race was 18 laps on a 6k circuit. We were using this weekend to get some good old fashion race training.  We rode to the start of the race which was 25ks.  It was another day in the Belgium cold. While we were on our way to the start, it started to pour on us so the van stopped and we all jumped on and waited for the rain to stop. It let up and we went on our way. The loop was not bad, mostly on small roads but the wind was strong. On the backside, the road was more or less a down  hill but with the wind it was hard. After we took a lap to check it out, I went right back in the van to get out of the cold. The race started and finished on a big road and took a hard right on a small road. The start was like a mountain bike or a cyclo cross race.  A sprint to the first turn.  I had a nice start spot and was in the first group to get to the turn. When we hit the crosswind section on the small road  you really could not get out of the wind unless you were in the top 5.  It was like this for all the small roads.  We were in the gutter and we had a gap with about 15 guys and on the first lap we stayed away. Cole and I made it, we did not do a lot of work and I was freezing.  I could barely move my upper body.  It then started raining that’s always fun, wet small roads at race speed. The last few races I have been able to use my BMC kit so the guys don’t know that I am American and it’s awesome.  There is normally a lot of trash talking, well there still was but nothing towards being American. I rode in the gutter all day, the guys in the break started to attack with two to go and three guys got away and stayed. On the big road crosswind section I was on the front and was going to the back and when I got on the wheel the guy started to get gapped off. I went around him but I could not close it on my own and the guy on my wheel would not pull through so now there was three groups of three. On the final lap one of the guys I was with just sat on me and the other guy and with 200m he sprinted. I finished 12th. So get this, Sunday the same race we rode to the race motor paced behind the van all the way to the race. The sun was out but that did not mean it was warm out, still so cold.  The only difference beside the rain was the wind was coming at us in a different directions.  There was a long tale wind section where the day before was cross winds. I felt a lot better I was not as cold and stiff. I missed the break but unlike yesterday I was doing a lot more work.  I wanted to ride hard for the training and that’s want I did long pulls in the wind,  flying wheels and breaking up to groups up the road. After the race Noel planned for us to train after the race. We motor paced behind the car, I started to bog down an hour in and then we went up the kemmelberg steep cobble climb.  After that we started heading in the direction to Izegem aka home and better yet FOOD. I was really happy to sit down and have dinner…… We got around 210ks and about 6 hours and 30 minutes ride time.

This weekend I have TRIPTIQUE MONTS ET CHATEAUX three days for stages.



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