Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux

Posted: April 10, 2009 in austin carroll, Cycling
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Stage 1 of Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux was 170k flat and fast. My job was to get in the early break so I was following moves for the first half of the race. I got in one move with 13 guys but no one wanted to work so we quickly were caught by the peloton. I was able to work a little longer then I was worked over and surfed in the peloton till the finish. Chris Barton was able to get into a move that stayed away and he finished 3rd. Stage 2 was the TT a 9ks with a few big ring climbs. On the way to the start I think we got a little lost and I had only a shot time to get ready and warmed up. There was 22 minutes till my start so I had to really rush my warm up. The TT was good for me I had not raced the TT bike yet so I was a little uncomfortable in the turns and some of the fast descents in the drops. Going to work on that. Then my radio stopped working right as I started. I was a minute down. Stage 3 was later that day. It was 126ks which only means that is going to be fast. There was around 3 hours between the TT and the road race and I slept a lot of that which made me really out of it for the first hour of racing. The wind was making it hard on some of the sections.  The peloton would split but it always came back. I did not have a radio so I was a little lost to what was going on with the team. On the last local lap I took Cole, Phinney and Kirk to the front with me yelling a few Flemish words,  I know people got out of my way. There was a lack of communication while I was getting to the front, no one was letting me know what they wanted to do. I went to the front and looked back and saw Cole sitting  and then Phinney was right there too.  With  2ks to go, I did a big pull and left it to the other guys.  Cole finished 7.  Stage 4,  164ks unlike the other days, today was going to be really difficult with 10 climbs. I was really ready for this stage, I love the climbing in the area that I was racing in.  Steep short and one really small road. My job for the day was to get in the early breakaway  and be there at the end of the race. I did just that. I made it in a breakaway 20 minutes into the race with 3 other guys. We were off for a long time with the biggest lead of 40 seconds. Noel was talking to me on the radio and telling me to work as less as I could. There was a group of 17 that was coming to us, when they bridged to us it  was right before one of the steep long climbs and I was sitting 4th wheel.  We rode away from the rest. On the top everyone was together and the peloton was not to far down. I new that we were going to be caught and I just sat in. Right as we were all coming together two guys attacked from the same team from Russia.20They were brothers and they put 4 minutes into the peloton. I stayed around top 20 for the rest of the day. I was helping Barton and the team to move up before the climbs. We had a loop we did in the middle of the race.  We went up a cobble climb two times and as we were about to start going up I took Barton to the front which made me get dropped going up the climb. There was a Robabank rider with me and two  German National team riders and they pulled me right back in the peloton. I did the same thing the next time up but this time I moved him up earlier which saved my legs and I went up it fast in the lead group. There was a group that went away and we missed it but as it came together I asked where Barton went and Kirk said he is bridging across  and it was a minute gap up the road across to it. WC Soenens-Yawadoo-Germond was on the front chasing and Wielergroep Beveren 2000 was sitting on them with Barton up there. We all sat on Wielergroep Beveren 2000. When it came back the two Russian motor cycles were still away. I was  up pulling with the team that had the overall leader and we to closed the gap down.  There was a long cobble section going through the finish line that was a lot of fun. I faded back going up the climb on the first lap but I was able to move back to the front and continue working. After I pulled off I was mid pack.  I saw Barton holding his leg.  I asked20him what was wrong and he said he was cramping and he said help me.   I rode up and started to push him up the climb.  I was in the hurt box, I did what I could to help him and I had a little left.  Right before I blew up I gave him a big push. I was done and stopped peddling up the climb which was not that much longer.  I rode in with a small group to the finish. When I saw Barton he gave me a big man hug and told me if it was not for me he would had been screwed.   I told him “anytime man”  and laid out on the ground………………….This weekend is going to be awesome for one today its my birth day 22! I made the Tour of Flanders team witch is tomorrow and PARIS-ROUBAIX and Moto GP starts Sunday!! A sweet B day weekend.


  1. bilko says:

    Nice report. Sounds like you are riding well. keep it up.

    Hope the birthday is great.

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