Summer Camp all year long

Posted: April 13, 2009 in austin carroll

So there are always some fun things you get to do as a bike racer besides training and racing.  We get to  sit on the Internet all day watching  movies and TV shows.  I am hooked on Weeds right now, awesome show!  We travel all over the world to ride a bike. Go on cruiser rides to get a coffee. We have  photo shoots and have film crews follow us sometimes AND there is a lot of down time to just hang out with teammates and friends. That is a quick sum up on what I do all the time………..


I am second from the back


Being one of the shorter guys on the team you have to squat down in the team pic but I always have a good draft!!

Belgium House, USA Cycling

The start of the Muur


We had to wait around for the film crew to set up




Cobble climb in Flanders training. I am in 2nd

3317_70114673873_830813873_1509886_1555912_njpg3317_70114713873_830813873_1509893_914920_njpg3317_70114723873_830813873_1509895_2791207_njpgUSA Cycling Headshots, Juniors and U23, Belgium

  1. Joel says:

    Cool stuff Austin! You’re living a charmed life. Before you know it this will be just a memory. Enjoy every minute. Don’t ever forget your hard work and integrity is an inspiration to others like me. Thanks for sharing these tidbits.

  2. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, glad to see you are doing well! I am sitting here in beautiful Salinas attending the Sea Otter with Trevor and thought and were thinking of you and all of our fun times at the Otter. Trevor will be racing over in Germany in May and will get his first taste of some Euro racing on the dirt. Keep up the good work and keep the rubber side down.


  3. Wish I could join!..
    I love adventures!..

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