Posted: April 20, 2009 in austin carroll

I felt good but my legs where not there I was doing all I could and was not going. I had some bad luck early on got stuck behind a crash on a small road. I was able to chase back on a few Ks before the Muur made is over in the lead group then the hole raced changed the break and the peloton got stuck at a train crossing. Were where there for 5 mins so that let all the guys that got dropped on the early climbs came back. There was another crash that split the field up as I was going through the caravan on we had a left turn coming I was on the inside and all the cars where stopping as I was going into the turn one of the official cars stopped and I ran into the side of the car took the mirror in the ribs and hit me shoulder good to. I ended up on the hood of the car. I tried to get back in the race but I was hurting. I am all good a little sore. Not how I want the race to go but bike racing anything can happen. I have the next few day before I race this weekend I am doing ZLM Tour in Holland and  ZELLIK – GALMAARDEN in Belgium on Sunday.



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